Avalable-lots-grapic2Please note that our lots are only available with purchase of a home through Indian Ridge Builders. Lots not sold separately.


Do you have a question about one of our lots? We'd be happy to answer! Just visit our contact page and drop us a line. 


Click below for an up to date map of all of our sold, under construction or available properties. 



2932 Chinook-Pass

3000 Chinook-Pass

3037 Chinook-Pass

2132 Navajo Trail

2124 Navajo Trail

2000 Navajo Trail

2109 Navajo Trail

2333 Kiowa Court

2312 Kiowa Court

2324 Kiowa Court

2332 Kiowa Court

3021 Seminole Way

3033 Seminole Way

3013 Seminole Way

3005 Seminole Way

2921 Seminole Way

2949 Seminole Way

2913 Seminole Way

2920 Seminole Way

2929 Seminole Way

2904 Seminole Way


2904 Nadene Drive