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Volume 1, Issue 1 – June 2016

garagesaleThanks to all that participated in the Community Garage Sale!

We had record number of people in Indian Ridge with over 23 sales over Friday and Saturday!

We would like to make this an annual or semi-annual event!!

Indian Ridge Covenant – Did you know?

Indian Ridge does have a covenant to protect all property owners. A few key issues in the covenant to note are:

  • No above ground pools
  • Fencing guidelines—No chainlink. See appropriate fencing on covenant details.
  • Sheds—Must match your home. (Renters need to follow owner’s guidelines also)

If your property already has one of the above, please write us at for a letter of approval and you will be “grandfathered” into the guidelines. We are starting to enforce these covenants to protect all home owners. A complete copy of the covenant can be reached on our website at

12279015_1075200622499854_7096282515462953132_nFRONT ENTRANCE BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT

We are excited by all the improvements by the city this past year in cleaning our tree line at the entrances to our development. The bike path is a huge addition and many are taking advantage of this improvement.

If you are an owner or renter with your backyard to 25-A, remember that you are to mow to the roadside of the treeline. If you fail to keep this mowed, you will be fined and billed for services rendered.

The city is supposed to be mowing between the roadside of the tree line and the street. Due to a shortage of manpower at the city, to this point we have maintained this area. We are expecting them to pick this up.

We are about to install a tree irrigation system to keep the trees watered. This system will be underground so mowing will not be an issue. Keeping this first impression of our neighborhood beautiful will show pride in our community.


In an on-going effort to improve our community, we maintain the undeveloped properties. Occasionally we have homeowners and renters who are dumping debris (grass clippings, tree limbs, rocks, etc.) on these properties. This causes damage to our mowers and equipment and impedes our abilities to care for the grounds. Please help us by not dumping.


Several new homes have started to be constructed. We want to welcome these new families into our neighborhood. Indian Ridge is a GREAT place to live!


Set your calendar for July 22 for a family movie in park!! More details on our Indian Ridge Properties Facebook Page…like this page for all updates and information!
To contact Indian Ridge Homeowners Association: Julie— or

Special points of interest:

· Continuing to clean-up and improve the detention areas.