Our 2017 Spring Cleaning Tips

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When the cold days of winter are behind you and the weather starts warming up, it is time to start spring cleaning! When you do your spring cleaning, there are certain things that you should tackle that you don’t do during your regularly weekly cleaning. Below is a list of things that should be cleaned during your spring cleaning and the best way to do it.

Tip #1 Cleaning the Refrigerator
Spring is a great time to clean out your refrigerator. You should start by checking the expiration date on all of your condiments, salad dressings, and any other perishable food. After you have taken everything out of the refrigerator, you should clean the inside. Try using a combination of soda water and salt. When the two are combined, it creates an abrasive liquid, which is great for removing any stuck on food or liquids from shelves and drawers.

Tip #2 Cleaning the Screens
When the weather warms up, you should clean your screens. Since your windows are going to be open often, you want to make sure that there is no dirt, debris, or pollen stuck in them. You should start by vacuuming the windowsill to remove any dirt that is trapped between the window and the screen. To clean the screens, you should use a scrap piece of carpeting; it will act as a brush that will remove the dirt and debris you won’t damage the screen in the process.

Tip #3 Cleaning the Windows
Spring is a great time to clean your windows. If you have windows that fold in, cleaning them is simple. You can use a rag and soapy water and clean the inside of the window and then fold the window in to clean the outside. To avoid steaks or soap stains, you should use a separate towel to dry the windows. If you have older windows that don’t fold in, cleaning the outside of the windows on the second floor can be difficult. The safest and easiest way is to buy a squeegee with a very long handle.

Tip #4 Brightening Up the Curtains
If your curtains are dirty, you should wash them. If you are worried about them fading in the washer and you just want to brighten them up, put them in the dryer with a wet towel to draw out the dust. Set the dryer to the air-fluff cycle and let it go for 15 minutes. To keep the curtains from wrinkling, you should hang them back in the window immediately.

Tip #5 Clean the Blades of Your Ceiling Fan
One of the dustiest areas of your home are the blades on your ceiling fans. To clean them, you should spray them down with furniture polish and wipe the blades down completely. To restore the shine, you should buff the blades with a towel. To keep them from getting dusty, you should wipe them down with a fabric softener sheet. This will help to repel the dust.

Tip #6 Cleaning Your Baseboards
The baseboards in your home can collect dust very quickly. To clean underneath the baseboard, you should use the thin attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Next, wipe down the baseboards with warm soap and water. Finally, wipe down the baseboards with a dryer sheet to keep the dust from building up in the future.

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be the huge project that some people make it out to be. If you follow the tips listed above, you should have your home ready for the warm weather in just a few hours!