10 Awesome Christmas Party Recipes!!!

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Here at Indian Ridge, we’re always looking for ways to improve the community and make it even better for our residents. With that said, what better way to help out our residents than by providing you all with some awesome Christmas Party recipes.

Check out these wonderful Christmas recipes. Who knows! One of them may be a hit at this year’s party ; )


1. Santa Claus Crackers – Crackers, pepperoni, ricotta cheese and celery. Yum.

2. Santa Sugar Cookies – A simple classic which will go a long way!

3. Christmas Tree Cupcakes – A sugar cone is used on top of each cupcake to create the Christmas tree!

4. Strawberry Santa Hat Brownies – Mini brownies topped with butter cream frosting and strawberries. (Wipe the drool off your face before scrolling further.)

5. Edible Christmas Fruit Tree – A Christmas tree made out of fruit. Need we say more.

6. Pull Apart Veggie Wreath – For all the health nuts out there : ) Use as a finger food appetizer or serve for dinner.

7. Santa Hat Pretzels – This sweet and salty recipe uses only 4 ingredients and in one word…AMAZING!

8. Avocado Christmas Tree Salad – This “Feliz Navidad” avocado salad is shaped into a tree and will delight the masses. Has a fruity twist with a chili vinaigrette.

9. Root “Deer” – How neat would it be to serve these little drinkable reindeer!

10. Snowman Cheese Ball – A cream cheese ball made with mustard, basil, pesto, and a bunch of other flavors! An awesome-looking holiday party appetizer.